Dog Duty by Bobby D. Lux in Paperback

FLYMF alum Bobby D. Lux’s dog noir novel, Dog Duty, is now out in paperback. It’s sharp and tough and clever—buy it now!

Want to know more about “Dog Duty”? Read my review.

Bobby was a longtime FLYMF contributor; he has a number of stories in FLYMF’s Greatest Hits. Bobby’s FLYMF work includes When The Camera Stopped Rolling, Mike Tyson Movie Reviews, O’Neill ‘Scopes’ An Early Career, Monkey Dance, Outrageous ClaimsIn Memorium, Adventures In Time Travel, The Worst Story Ever, Batman Begins By Superman, The Coreys, Tonto’s Shocking Discovery, Vegas Wedding, The Solution To America’s Problems, Superman Returns, The Pirates Of Swenxof, and “Sly” Nostalgia.